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Review of iHookup

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iHookup is a dating service, or if to be a more concrete, sex-oriented dating site. You can register there if you want to diversify or enliven your sexual life. Everyone on the site has the same intentions, and there is nothing shameful in it. Just register and start your communication without. But be careful because no one there will care you will stay brokenhearted. Read this review to get more information.

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Pros and Cons


  • The site has many users with the same intentions 
  • The number of visitors is huge


  • The site is pay-to-use
  • There are fake profiles 

iHookup at a Glance 

At a glance, iHookup may seem for someone a typical dating platform. Moreover, some users confuse it with the sites which are oriented on serious relationships. But really iHookup is a place where people don’t hesitate to speak about their sexual imagines. 

It is modern life, and you shouldn’t hide your desires. If you want to have an active sex life, then why don’t you try online dating? 

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What Is iHookup?

iHookup is a casual dating platform with a multifunctional interface and many services provided. It is easy to use and almost free. On this site, you can hardly find a life partner, but a variety of meeting a partner for hookup is vast. 

The truth about iHookup is that there are different functions and many people who can become your perfect match. 


Everything starts with registration. At this point, you need to answer questions about yourself, for example, your marital status, and so on. Also, you should choose what features you would like to see on your hookup partners. It is also essential to specify your city if you really want to arrange a meeting with a partner. 

It is better to fill in the information correctly for better results of searching. Especially it concerns your email and password. Because the password gives you an opportunity of iHookup log in. 

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Search and Profile Quality 

The searching process is the next thing on the site, which you should do if you want to find a partner. You can use the advice of the site based on your preferences or choose something by yourself. Use filters to change information about preferable partner and such a way to reduce the number of users that are suitable for your preferences. 

As everyone has the same terms of registration, the profiles on the site are rather informative, and it is easy to find someone who will become your partner for a night. Users can send you likes and messages, which means they like you and want to start communication. 


Generally, the site is controlled by the administration, and there are encryption mechanisms that protect your private information. However, it is still possible to face scammers, so be careful. Try to avoid such people and be cautious about your personal information. Moreover, many referral links can bring unwilling people to the site. 

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Special Features and Prices

iHookup also has many different ways of communication. It provides not only standard messaging but also chat rooms, live shows, and many other features that you can try. And the good news is that all of them are free of charge. It is a real rarity because not so many sites are free. 

However, there are a couple of exceptions. For example, Passion which cost 99 cents and also Forecast Reports for 5.99 dollars. These functions are not so essential as others, and they were created for those who have extra money to make their life much more comfortable. 

Help and Support 

And of course, Technical Support is available for those cases when you have any problems. Just find links on the main page of the site and ask your questions about the iHookup dating site work. Support Team is always available for you, and you can trust them. 

But you are too shy or want to quicken the process then search for your question in the “Frequently Asked Questions” paragraph of this and some other iHookup dating site reviews. 


To sum up, iHookup is one of those platforms which can provide good meetings and sex. There is nothing in its usage from registration to communicating. Just follow the steps and try to specify the right information. As a result, you will get a partner for hookups and will have a lot of fun. 

The great advantage of the site is its not paid system. But it also means that it attracts fraudsters as well. Therefore be careful while chatting on the site, and it is better not to say much personal information. You also can read some other safety tips and interesting facts about the site in the other reviews.


What is iHookup?

iHookup is a dating site that can help you to find partners for one night. It is quite easy to use and functional. You can find many people with shared interests and get acquainted with them and then arrange a meeting for sex.

Is iHookup good?

iHookup is rather good for a free platform. There you can enjoy communicating with others for free and achieve your goals of meeting with others for one night.

Is iHookup safe?

iHookup is not entirely safe. As it is free, it is appealing for fraudsters and scammers, and you should escape them and be careful.

Is iHookup legit?

iHookup is a legit dating service that cares about its users and tries to make their communication on the site safer.

How does iHookup work?

On iHookup, there are many abilities for communicating and acquainting. You can even get a weather forecast for better planning for meetings with hookups partners.

Is iHookup free?

iHookup is almost fully free. Its functions are free except for some of them. Weather Forecast and Passionate are pay-to-use, but their cost is tiny and quite affordable.

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