About Us

Our Mission

A relation between a user and a business giving services or products is a complicated thing. And to make it optimal and riskless for two camps there are platforms like ours. We offer true and aimed study of products and services.

Who We Are

We are a group of specialists in several domains of marketing. The knowledge of our experts is huge. But the leading thing about us is our conjunction to the survey procedure that is built on our background as customers in the first place. Due to our task|we try to establish a strong balance between our individual judgment and clear facts.

What We Do

First-hand bond between product owners and buyers often is too complicated to top to some pleasing outcome. And here is the matter where you stop losing your time and get a straight information from a company regarding their product. It is a win-win situation. The leading direction of our work is to ease customer’s experience on their terms.

Education: Sexologist
Expertise: Marriage, family life, relationships
Rory Pollard is a sex-positive person who sees a fulfilled sexuality as the glue of the relationship. He has always been fascinated by sexuality in all its facets - so much that he studied it. This knowledge and his experiences as a person who has survived many ups and downs make him a professional sexologist. He is a specialist who can change his clients' views on relationships and sex. Rory also writes exciting blog posts on family life, marriage, dating, and personal development.